Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Time has past. I never knew it would fly that fast. So many things have changed, including people I love. Many scars have been made, many tears have been shed, many laughs have been heard, and many smiles have been shown. Did you change? Did you change a bit?

People change, people grow, and people make mistakes. I heard that very often. Mostly as an excuse for something bad someone has done.
But does that really happen? Do people really change? Who knows?

The clock keeps ticking. We've wasted too much time, just to breathe. Everything changes, that's what people say. Everything gets better, that's what people want.

It still feels like yesterday when I and my friends were talking about robots, games, and cartoons on TV. Now all I hear, they all talk about relationship, love, betrayal, another love, and some broken hearts. So weird.
Yesterday, all we thought about were our plans for the weekend, what we would do, how to have some fun, we made fun of people, we laughed at someone weird. Now, all we think about is how to get our jobs done, how to make us proud of ourselves, what we want to achieve, and how to achieve our goals. Really weird.

Yes, we grow up. Fast.

So I lost my Olympus E-410 DSLR camera a couple of days ago. Bad day, huh. Haven't had enough sleep since. You know, I can't stop thinking about how stupid I am. How could someone like me, lost something that is so precious, something expensive and so memorable.

I am not a photographer, not at all. But this camera had been my best friend since I was in highschool. This camera had helped me to find a path in life, also helped me realize that no matter how bad you are at something, as long as you enjoy what you do, you are great.
I lost this camera due to my own stupidity on the 8th of Jan 2012. One of some precious things I have ever lost. :(

You know, when you lose something you really love, your mind will recall all the memories that you have of you and that thing.

Losing that precious thing made me come to a realization:

No matter how precious someone or something is to you, if you don't really take care of them, you'll lose them. Forever.

And please, trust me. It really hurts.
It's not the loss that really hurts you the most. What really hurts is the feeling that you get when you finally realize that you are actually the stupidest person in the world because you have lost something/someone that is really special.
You'll look for someone to blame, but in the end, you'll get stuck and you have to accept the fact that you have no one to blame, but yourself.

Taken with Olympus E-410.