Sunday, April 17, 2011


were window shopping in one of the biggest shopping Mals in Jakarta when I found this super cool two layers hoodie. Yes, I fell in love with it at the first sight. I stepped closer, touched it, and checked the price tag.
Oh well.

Rp.1,5 Million.

I took a deep breath. And went away. For some people, it’s probably not that expensive, but for me, well, I just think that I might as well spend that amount of money on another things.

Don’t we all want to be rich? Don’t we all want to have a big amount of money? Don’t we all think that money is our king? Don’t we all want to be able to buy every thing we want?

Nowadays, a person without money is a person without world. We all fight, kill, hurt others for one thing: Money. Money.

Look at rich people. Look what they do. Look how they live their lives. They don't seem to have to save their money to buy things they want.
My family is okay, I could probably say that we're in the middle class. I come from a fine family, and I appreciate my life. Really. But I admit that I sometimes envy rich people's lives. Eventhough I know that envy won't make my life any better.

Have ever felt that way? Felt so lost, felt so weak, so small, so insecure, so vulnerable, just because you don't have money?

I were discussing this with my friends then I came up with a big question:

Is it true that people would be willing to give up their dreams to be rich? Is it true that people would sacrifice their happiness for money? Is it true that we're all enslaved by one "simple" thing, called "MONEY"?

Then I happened to ask my friends yesterday, which one they would prefer, having their dream job that they wouldn't get much money from or having a job they don't wanna have but it can make they rich?

Then I got shocked when 3 out of 4 friends of mine would prefer having a job they don't wanna have, as long as that job could make them rich.
Well, I personally agree with them.

Eventough I have to do things I don't like, as long as I could cope with it, and I can get lots of money from it, I would do that. Then when I'm already rich, I could do anything I want. Right? I can do things I like to do.

But anyway, my friends' answers just strengthen my opinion on how people nowadays would sacrifice their dreams and happiness for money.
Isn't it weird to realize how vulnerable we are? How weak we are? And isn't it crazy to know what money could do to us? How money could screw up our entire lives?

How many people out there would leave their family, work far far away from their beloved ones, just to get bigger salary? How many people out there would choose to do bad things to be able to fulfill their family members' needs? How many people out there try so hard to be able to get money, in order to survive? And how many people out there would work their ass off, work like a dog, like a horse, like an animal, to get money?

We are all losing. Losing. And money are winning.

When we look in the mirror, are we proud? Look around, check all our belongings, do we have enough already? Do we think that we have enough? Enough? Or do we want more? Do we still want to buy those cool gadget, that amazing hoodie, those branded sneakers, and that stupidly perfect sport-car?

I never have enough. I never have. I always want more. More and more. Now I have this, but I still want that. It never stops, oh well, it never does.

Or maybe it's not about money, it's about me, about you, about us, that never gets enough. That always wants more, demanding things that we haven't had yet. Jealous of what your friends' have?

Maybe money isn't that powerful, but our desire is?
Do we really have to start counting how much time we have left to be happy, than counting how much money we have left in our wallet?

Those who say money can't buy happiness just don't know how to spend (or waste) their money.
If you dare to say money can't buy you happiness, okay then, give me your money, that would give me happiness, I could buy things I've been wanting for years. Nothing to lose, no? You would still be happy without it anyway, right? What?
*wink wink*




jussme said...

really nice, i must say incredible thinking, so true.
your this article remind me of the song by "nickleback - rockstar" saying
i'll trade this life for fortune and fame.
i'd even cut my hair and change my name.

Andreas Winfrey said...

Thank you for reading. :)

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