Sunday, March 13, 2011


hey say those who stick with you are your bestfriends. They say bestfriends never leave you alone, never forget you, and never ever think that you're less than a complete good friend. Well honestly, I don't know where to start. I have lots of stories and things going on in my mind, lots of problems and lots of shitty dramas in my life. And I started to think that I've had enough already. I just don't wanna play around anymore. Reality slapped me. I am turning 20 pretty soon and I just can't be stuck being a teenager that lives my life in Gossip Girl world or in the world of any other lame and full of shitty bitches drama series.

I understand that I should've realized since a really long time ago that backstabbing and betrayal were just some little parts of all human life. Being betrayed, left, forgotten, backstabbed, or even hurt, is normal. What I don't understand is that how I could be so stupid all these time, playing with people whom I thought were my bestfriends.

I also realized that when people don't respect you anymore, you shouldn't be with them any longer. You should just leave them and grow up. Grow up to be a better person, better than them. Otherwise, you will just as stupid as them, stuck being bad people and never grow up.

As much as I trust those people and as much as I love them, now they don't mean anything to me anymore. I had fun with them, I really did. When I was with them, it felt, you know, just happy. But happiness isn't really the only thing that we seek in friendship, right?
I mean, how could I be happy if in the end, truth tells me that those who play nice in front of me, actually laugh at me behind my back?

It's true, what hurts the most was ever being so close. In some cases, forgetting someone is way more painful than being forgotten. In some cases, leaving someone is way harder than being left. In some cases, knowing that u're fooled is way more heart-breaking than knowing the truth itself. And in some cases, having a true friend is better than having a best friend.

I know this isn't easy. But I think I have to do it. For my life. For a better life. For a better me. Well, they can still be happy with, or without me anyway.

"The worst feeling isn't being lonely. It's being forgotten by someone you would never forget."
- Unknown -



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