Thursday, January 27, 2011


believe in fate. I believe that everything has been planned before I was born. I believe that I am now living a story that has been written. I believe that I am an actor of a long and absorbing play, titled "LIFE". I believe in yesterday, I believe in present, and I believe in tomorrow.

I believe that every decision that I made in my life was the best for me.

Let me start with an experience of mine.
When I was still in elementary, I had this dream school. So I wanted to attend that school after I graduated. I wanted it so badly, I begged my mom to allow me to attend that school. But due to a couple of things, I finally didn't attend that school and attended another school instead (daym, right!).
But guess what, now I am wondering. What if I finally attended my dream school? Maybe everything would be so much different. Maybe I wouldn't have met my bestfriends. Maybe my bestfriends wouldn't have been my bestfriends! Maybe I wouldn't have met my teachers, I wouldn't have met amazing people, and maybe my life wouldn't have been as amazing as the life that I'm having now. Maybe I would have been a different person, with a different personality, with a different everything.
And the biggest, maybe I wouldn't have been as happy as I am now.

But living my life now, after deciding everything, I always think that, maybe I am meant to live my life this way. I am meant to do things I like and things that I don't like to do. Like everything has been planned, there's already a script and I'm just living the script.

Have you ever thought that way? So you could just easily choose one over many options, not being afraid if the option you choose is the wrong one, because you believe in fate? So all you've gotta do is just enjoy and live your life?

Then I realized. Most of us take a really long time to make one simple decision, don't we? Why? Well, I personally think that I, myself, are afraid to make the wrong decision, because I am afraid my life wouldn't go as I want it to be. Honest speaking.
This is the answer to all my friend's questions about why I take a really long time to make a single decision.

We can avoid things we don't want to happen to our life, but don't you think if they are meant to happen, they will happen anyway, no matter what?

Maybe all we've gotta do is just sit down, take time to realize what we've got, instead of pacing back & forth, asking what we haven't got, because everything happens if it's really meant to happen. Right?
And also the opposite.

Everything has been planned, good and bad. And the bad thing happens for a reason. And maybe it's the best for us to see them positively. And let's just live every second of my life with enjoyment. Well I am not a good person myself (D'uh, absolutely!), but I've been told by many people that there are good things behind every bad things, and we have to be grateful for the good things, instead of whining about the bad things.

Oh well, I find myself really hard to do it sometimes.



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