Monday, August 9, 2010


On this post, I'd like to introduce you to 5 amazing blogs of my friends'. Take a simple visit to their blogs, read, and bookmark! :)
Click the printscreen preview to visit their own world!!

1. Vin's Blog
Oh hell yea, I am welcoming back my forever partner-in-crime, Elvina Febriani to the blogging world! She is back! The bitch is back, people! I have always known that she would definitely come back to the blogging world.
Her world is coloured by intrigues, permanent thoughts, consistency, mockeries, slanders, decisiveness, inspirations, and lest we forget, bitchiness.
This uber-beautiful yet rocker girl is just another exquisite blogger, with amazing and astounding personality!
Without any further ado, here is her world preview and click to visit her world!


2. I am Dwaas.
A new-comer with huge imaginations and cornucopia of informations is definitely on his way! From gadget appraisal to movie review; from celebrities to childhood heroes, everything is studiously talked about on his blog.
You should really drop by his world!!


3. Every Day There is Always A Story
Clarisa Mutriafica, a college friend of mine, is a cheerful girl who has many fatuous stories of her life, and she definitely loves to share that stories with you on her blog! This garrulous girl does have many interesting and silly stories that will make you smile, or even laugh!
Beware, you might find my name on her blog, as I often do some silly stuffs with her!


4. Bittersweet Symphony
This just-graduated-from-saint-ursula-highschool-and-soon-to-be-a-college-girl has many interesting thoughts and experiences, such as her nervousness of facing college world and even her journey to her idol's concert. Her blog is so full of teenagers' stories, and she writes it all in a simple yet hilarious way. Visit this young girl's blog to feel like a teenager again!


5. My Black Old Box
She is a future interior designer with a great cooking skill! She is also a dog lover, and she has a dog named Bonit. She posts a lot of things about her dog, her foods, and also her interesting life stories. Nunu, as she would like to be called, is a nice girl with a great sense of humor!
If you're a dog lover, well, you gotta visit her blog, because she knows almost every single thing about that cute creature!


Okay, I think 5 are enough. I actually have uploaded some other previews, but I'm just gonna keep them first and show them to you guys later on "FEATURE 2..!!"
Your blog might be on it!
So, see ya!

p/s: let me know if u want me to introduce your blog to people on "FEATURE 2..!!"




Anonymous said...

lol,,me exquisite?? it's too much nde.. mwah.. love it though.. thanks

darchocoffee said...

ahahhahaa. i'm the teenager :D
i hope i passed the ababil-mode already, anw thaaaanks!