Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Yea, what's so interesting about my relationship with taxi drivers?
This is gonna be a short post.

Taking a taxi alone, for me, is the moment when I really have to come up with many ideas that I can possibly talk about with the driver, just in a bid to avoid awkward silence. You know, if you don't talk to the driver, you have to put up with the silence along the road, until you reach your destination, and I do dislike those ominous silence.

I take taxi pretty often and based on my experiences, I could assume that most of the taxi drivers that I've ever been in a taxi with were wise, had lots of experiences to share, and they somehow had good advices.

A few days ago, I took a taxi, and I met this driver, named Mur. He was the one who broke the ice for the first time. He asked my personal things, and I also asked him a couple of questions. Everything went boring, until he answered my question with this sentences:

"I was born in Aceh, grew up in Bali, then I moved to Tangerang, I met my wife in Bandung, and now here I am, working in Jakarta. I never know what God has planned for my life, but I know, I just have to keep on walking. Interesting, huh? Born in Aceh, grew up in Bali, but who would know I would finally find my love in Bandung?"


Mr. Mur's sentences left me wondering. After all this time, I have been so scared of my future, I have been so worried about what is next in my life. My biggest fear is my own future. And after decoding Mur's sentences, I realized that we never know where our lives will take us to. We could live today and probably die tomorrow. Everything has been planned. Everything has been planned. Everything has been planned. What's next is a secret, a journey, or a challenge that we have to enjoy. I might face lots of problems in life, but I always have to be sure that I will be able to go trough it all.

Maybe he is right, maybe all we've got to do is just keeping on walking, keeping on living our lives to the best, and enjoy every single dot of our lives.



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