Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Okay, guys! This post is just another unimportant and random post from me. I am going to interview myself, and act like I am just 2 different persons.
So, here it is:


Q: So, erm, okay, shall we start now?
A: What?! You know what, I'm getting nervous, to be honest, I'd rather us start next year.

Q: Sarcastic!
A: Hehe. You know me well.

Q: First question, when did you start blogging?
A: Seriously? What a cliche question! Taking journalism major in college, is that all you learned?

Q: I know, right! I was just beating about the bush.
A: Err... Okay, anyway, I started blogging in November 2007. But I wasn't really active in the beginning. Well, I should have said that I created this blog in November 2007, but really started blogging when I was in 11th grade, that was approximately 1,5 years ago.
Hey as a good interviewer, you should have checked it yourself!

Q: Why did you start blogging? What was the main reason?
A: This is a hard question. I seriously don't even know why! Well, I might say that I had a really hard times in highschool. When people bullied and mocked me, all I could do was just spit them all out on this blog. Besides that, I used to experience lots of stupid things, and I didn't know how and who to complain about it, and I had a blog, so I was thinking like, why wouldn't I just complain those stupid things on my blog? I mean people could read my complains, right? I know that it is just not right and pathetic, but, honestly, I was delighted everytime I found some responds to my complains and my life-stories.

Q: You love to quip and bitch-blog about people you hate also!
A: Oh I absolutely do! It feels just sooooo soooooo good, I tell you. I never mention the name. So most people might think that it was them I'm bitch-blogging about, it's so fun, really. But it feels even more amazing when people I actually bitch-blog about read the post about them and then react to it.

Q: Euwh. I am disgusted.
A: What! You are me, remember?

Q: You look like a nice guy.
A: I am! I am a nice guy! Ask anybody, they'll tell you I am a nice guy.

Q: Who is your biggest influence?
A: I'd say Xiaxue is my biggest influence. Man, she rocks. I admire her.

Q: How life has been treating you?
A: My life has been amazing. Well, I would say that my real life is not as amazing as I wish it was but, hey, I appreciate my life and I love my life. I do sometimes wish for some corrections in my life, like I wish I was skinny or I was I was gorgeous or I wish I was smart, or anything else, but everytime I think my life sucks, I try my best to remind myself that if this life was perfect, then there wouldn't be as fun anymore.

Q: Nice. Next question, what do you think you are good at? Tell me 5 things you are good at!
A: Damn! This is just another hard question! I hate you for asking me hard questions. What am I good at? Man, I dunno. HAHA! Well, erm... Dammid, it's hard. Haha. What am I good at? Man, I am actually good at nothing, I pretty much can't do anything!
Well, I might say, erm... I am good at making people feel bad. Hahahah! This is just not right. Yeah, I am good at it. But that's how I usually get what I want. HAHA.
Second, I've been told that I am good at being an evil, I mean they say I am good at hurting people's feeling with my words. Well, I personally don't think I am. I even think I suck at it. I mean, I am a good guy, right? I am.
I am good at looking innocent and stupid, this is natural, I seriously don't put so much effort to look stupid tho.
Oh! I also good at making people laugh. Let's just say I am a humorous kind of guy.
5 already?

Q: No, stupid! 4. One more.
A: Shit. Ermm.. Well people say I have a writing skill, which I don't think I do, but I still thank tho. Yey, that counts!

Q: Your blog used to have lots of haters.
A: Yea. I love them, I am not being sarcastic this time. I really love my haters. They have indirectly encouraged and motivated me to blog more. They have made me appreciate my life and love my life even more, and also made me realize that I have lots of bestfriends and best people around me who love me so much. They have helped me to find my passion in life, that is writing. The best thing, they have taught me to be a tough guy.
And oh lest we forget, they also have made this blog reach up to 4000 visitors!! Aren't they amazing?
To be honest, I kinda miss them. Really. Eventough this blog's visitor stastic keeps increasing, there are no mean comments like I used to get.

Q: How did you respond their hatreds on you?
A: Honestly, I was so sad. I mean, I didn't know who they were, they also didn't know anything about me. They were strangers. How could they judge me just like that?
My teacher once said, "People criticizes everything in this world, even dead people. So no need to think much bout what people think and say about you." She opened my eyes. Why would I care what people think and say about me. They can hate me, but I should keep going.
And I also learned lots of things from them, so, yeah.. Enough said.

Q: I know you have lots of embarrassing stories, could you tell me one?
A: This is a really bad idea.

Q: What is a really bad idea?
A: This idea, this idea of interviewing myself and forbidding myself to change the question that comes up on my mind.

Q: Answer!
A: Embarrassing story. My pants was torn on stage when I was 7 or 8 years old, and the audience laughed at me like a group of mad people, because they could obviously see my underwear. The best thing was I acted cool like nothing was happening to me. Wow. I am now proud of myself.

Q: Do you hate someone?
A: Of course I do. Some people.

Q: Wow. Gonna bitch-blog about them?
A: I still don't know yet. Nowadays, I kinda think that I'd rather waste my time on forcing myself to poo in a bid to get skinny than write about them on my blog. But when they have really got on my nerves, oh yes, sir, I surely will. Again, the main reason I blog about them is to indirectly make them think that I talk about them and realize that I dislike them.

Q: The best lesson you have ever learned?
A: Many. But the best of the best is from my mom. She always says, "Let people mock and hate you. Love them and give them your best smile, then prove them all wrong. That will slap them even more painful in the end. Show them that you are way better than them. And you get the last laugh."
See, I love my mom, huh? She is a sweet bomb, I am just like her.

Q: And who are your heroes?
A: If you ask this question to another guy, he might answer, "My parents" or "My brother" or something like that. But this is real. My heroes are Power Rangers, Doraemon (plus all of its crew), Sailor Moon, and myself!

Q: I am now representing people who have been meaning to ask you this question. You used to be 105 kgs, right?! How could you manage to lose your weight?
A: Yes, you are like the 147th person who asked me this question. It's not like I wanna keep it as a secret, but, I seriously don't know how could I lose my weight. I am not lying. It just lost like that.

Q: Okay.
A: Okay what? I know you are running out of questions. You just dunno what to ask anymore.

Q: Last question, what do you think you will be doing 5 years at this time in the future?
A: It's so blurry on my mind. But I am sure it is either I will be standing on the red carpet or will be enjoying my life in my own luxurious apartment. What? I have my right to dream, no?!

Q: That's it! Thank you so much for answering my questions!
A: Yea thank you for wasting my time! :)

p/s : if you have any question, do not hesitate yourself to ask me on formspring.




dehl said...

Q: Euwh. I am disgusted.
A: What! You are me, remember?
i love that....
Q: No, stupid! 4. One more. ini juga g suka lucu...
1 hal ..., co suka sailor moon.... sejak kapan ??? hero y lagi???
and u can lose your weight , i saw your pic when you high school and your fat buttttttttt now your perfect pass gtuu looo
congrats buat turunnya berat u
ce aja susah kok u gampang....

elvina said...

XIA XUE RULES HELL YEAHHHHH...funny nde hillarious..i miss those days of spiteful haters..wakakaka

Andreas Winfrey said...

@ dehl : hahaha. thank you, dehl!! :)

@ Elvina : yea, xiaxue rules!! Wooooo!!
And yea, I miss my haters too.