Sunday, April 4, 2010


"Stay" is a charming word in a friend's vocabulary.

Some of my readers asked me about a friend of mine whom I talk about on my previous post. Actually I don't wanna talk about this, but I've promised you guys, so, yeah, here it is.

Well what I think is bestfriends are not a bunch of people whom you can find easily, right? You have to go through lots of intrigues, backstabbings, fights, shouts, and lest we forget, laughs, happiness, love, and many other things together then you can say that you are bestfriends.

Bestfriends make your life even more complicated, yet amazing.

I personally find myself really really really hard to get along with new people and even make friends with new people..


I dunno whether it's them or it is me. I mean, I realize that I can't tie them and keep them in my pocket forever, but still, true bestfriends never let you go, and never let themself go away from your life.

For me, I don't really need many bestfriends in my life, I just need a few friends that will always be willing to lend their shoulders to me to lean on, or ears to listen to all of my shitty things, or even just their silent presence.

A Letter for A Bestfriend...

Dear my bestfriend,
We started off our relationship as enemies when we were kids.
We used to hate each other, I even forget why.
Whenever I saw you, I saw the gate of hell.
And I hate you evenmore when I failed to make you cry.

We have been through a lot of things.
We fought each other, and found the meaning of friendship together as we grew up.
I thought you loved me, I thought we were bestfriends.
I thought we had lots of things in common.
And that was the main reason why I want you to be in my life forever.

We once decided,
to spend our old days together.
We once promised,
to help each other forever.
We once exploded,
when I gave a prank on your birthday.
We once imagined,
to get married on the same day.
And we laughed, and we laughed and we laughed...

But now you are different.
You are not the person I used to love.
You said you are happy with them,
So I am not gonna stand in your way.

I know you are happy,
And you know I am not.
But if it's what you want,
Than all memories have gone.

So to my future ex-friend (in case you read this lousy post, eventho I am pretty sure you never read any of my posts), I just wanna tell you:

Fuck you because I AM YOUR BESTFRIEND (only when you need me).

p.s: And now you want to leave me alone. Fuck off like I care much about you. Go outside naked and dance like a crazy bitch, do whatever bitchy things you wanna do, I wouldn't give a single damn anymore. I know you will come to me for help, but I will make you experience the feeling of being left. I am just as good as I always am.




vina said...

u bitch ga usah dihumbar2 di blog gini dong,..wakakakak...

Andreas Winfrey said...

remember, vinaa. U're not the person I am talking about.