Monday, September 21, 2009


Have you ever wanted to go back?

Have you ever wished that this life had a remote, and you were dying right now to press the "REWIND" button?

I have lots of good memories about my stupid life in my mind, yet I have more bad memories. Thinking about my embarrassing and sad moments, although I don't want to, I am gonna reveal some of my memories here for you. :)

The Early Life of Rafael Alfonsus Andreas.
I was born in Jakarta, on 7th of August. My mother told me that she was still working when she got contraction. Nobody was there. My father was a shooting athlete, and he was out of the town for a competition. So she managed to the hospital on her own.

Ah, this is the shocking part. When she arrived in a small clinic (I had been to the clinic when I was about 10, and I can assure you that it is a really poor and small clinic for bearing a child!), she was told by the nurse that they ran out of anaesthetic. So there, my mom gave birth to me without the anaesthetic.

My father arrived to the hospital a couple of hours after I was born. My mother, father, and my sister were brainstorming about my name. My father was about to name me "AGUS", just because I was born in August (Agustus in Bahasa).

And then my sister was like, "WHAT? AGUS?!?! NO!!!"

Okay, I should really thank my sister for disagreeing those name. No offense, if your name is Agus, reader! But I just can't imagine how my life would be if my name was Agus. Doesn't mean Agus is a bad name tho, really. I dunno why, but when I told my friends that I was about to be named "Agus", they laughed like stupid and started to call me "Agus".

In the end, my sister named me "Andreas".

And you must be wondering, what's with the "Rafael" and "Alfonsus" before my actual name? Are they just like fake names to make my name sounds cooler or something or what? Here is the answer.

I was a Christian-Protestant until I decided to be a Catholic at the age of 12. After learning about Catholic for months, finally I was baptized, and choose "RAFAEL" as my Baptism Name.

Rafael is one of God's Angels. He heals human. He cures human. The reason why I wanted Rafael Angel to be my patron was because of my sick sister. She was sick and had been unable to walk for years.

My sister was the one who raised and took care of me. My mother was so busy that she worked all the time to earn some money for our livings. Everyday after school, she got to go home soon, and took care of me. Until that afternoon, she was still in Junior High that time,and then she got cramped on her foot. And it's all just like that. My mom took her to the doctor, and the doctor told us that there was a tumor on her spine. And that tumor made her disable to walk.

She got weaker and weaker and weaker as the time goes by. She had been disable to walk for 15 years, but it never made her stop taking care of me. My mom took her everywhere, got her surgeries and all, but she didn't get any better.

I prayed and still sure that God would order Rafael to heal her, but God wanted me to look the other way. She passed away last year (10 - 7 - 2008).

And Alfonsus is my Chrismation name.

I am on the right.

As you can see the picture above, I grew up to be a fat kid, should say. And as you can see also, I seem to be hugging someone in that picture. No, he is not my friend. He is my cousin, who s also my enemy. Yes, like a humongous enemy. See, I already knew how to be a pokerfacer since I was a kid, no? Ah, but you shouldn't have been told that previous sentence. All you gotta know is that I am so cute in that pic, fullstop.


Talking about Ambitions.
Well, if someone ask me what I wanted to be when I was a kid, my answer would be :


And I never joked about it. Seriously, I would do anything to become one of them. When I was a kid, I loved to run from one place to another place, jump from one bed to another bed, roll from here to there, and acted as if I was a real Power Ranger.

At the age of 7, I had already taken some lead roles in several plays at Church. I loved to be on stage, I always wanted to be on the spotlight, I loved attentions. Thenceforth, my sense of art began, and I really wanted to be an actor, or at least, an entertainer. But to be a Power Ranger was still on the top of my going-to-be list.

I also once wanted to be an astronaut. I thought it was so cool and amazing, to be able to step your foot on the moon, and flying in the sky with no gravitation, you know.
But all of my desire of becoming an astronaut suddenly disappeared because of this two reasons:
  1. I was informed that Neil Armstrong had not really been to the Moon.
  2. To be an astronaut, you gotta master mathematics (Mathematics has been my enemy since forever).
Yea, I easily give up.

I've been in love with writing since I was in Junior High school, I've been writing almost about everything. That's why I love this blog.
I write everything I think. Having lots of haters makes me even love this blog. Instantly, just click here.
And now, I wanna be an editor in chief of an international magazine. That is why I chose Communication major, and gonna choose Journalism studies.





mermel said...

hello there!
i really like your blog, especially your last post about batik. i feel proud as an indonesian woman. i like how you twisted your banner in such manner that it really captures my eyes. you use a lot of difficult words to describe your blog too. on the other hand, your grammar seems to be a bit off, i observed. i don't mean to disgrace your sister in any means, but the correct term isn't 'disable to walk', it's 'unable to walk'. and well, i recognised some little grammatical errors here and there, but humans make mistakes. mistakes are what shaped our lives, right? continue to write and i'm sure within no time your english will improve a lot. this is my first comment but i have been your silent reader for almost four months now. thank you. (:

NdReAz said...

@ mermel : Wow. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your corrections and all. Yea, humans make mistakes. I am still learning english tho. :)
And yea, I'll continue to write. I love doing it, even love it more after knowing that I actually have an amazing reader like you.

How did you find this blog btw? Do you have a blog too?

well, thanks again, mermel. thanks a lot!!
I hope you'll keep reading this stupid blog and never get tired of it. hehehe.


mermel said...

nah... i don't have one. i came across yours when i googled for something. your blog url is one of a kind... and the rest is history :D

NdReAz said...

thanks again, Mermel. I hope you'll keep on reading this blog, find it even more interesting day by day, and leave more comments. hehehe.
You've completely motivated me to keep on blogging, eventho I realize that I don't have large numbers of visitors, compared to any other amazing and interesting blogs.

I hope we can be friends. I think it would be fantastic to have a friend like you.


Johan Setiawan said...

Andreas.... you're blog awesome!


Johan Setiawan