Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I woke up at 8 this morning. When I opened my eyes, I felt like I was somewhere else for a second, then I finally realized that I was somewhere else. I was lying on my dormitory bed. Not as comfy as my own bedroom, but at least I think I can cope with it till the next 6 months. Blah!

Well, university life is not as bad as I thought it would be. Like today, I have my day off (thanks to Universitas Multimedia Nusantara). So yea, I didn't know what to do here, inside my not-so-big dormitory room, then I realized that It had been a fuckin long time since my last update.

I still don't have any bestfriend here in dormitory. It's not because the people here are not nice. It's just because I just haven't got any opportunity to get to know more about them and get along with them.

University life has changed my life, seriously. In Jakarta, everything is just there. Here, everthing is not as simple as that. I had never take angkot before. And now, I have to face the fact that I don't have any transportation at all, but an ANGKOT. Great. Doesn't mean I don't liek taking angkot tho. I found it really absorbing and cool! Seriously.

In Jakarta, I get home after midnight, but here, I sleep at 9. Can you believe it? lol
Something is just wrong with me here. I feel like "normal" person at least for these 5 days. lol

And yeah, these are some shots of my dorm:

I went trough the orientation days pretty much well. I got some amazing and interesting and good friends to make friends with. My orientation group name was "ANOA" or "Bubalus Quarlesi"
They are just amazing! If it hadn't been them, I wouldn't have been here, sitting comfortably in my dormi room. Okay, I hiperboled a bit. They've got nothing to do with my dormi room comfortableness. lol


They have supported and helped me for 3 days of orientation, thanks guys!
Ah yea! 3 days of orientation are tortures! Not because the seniors are all evils, not at all, they are all nice and amazing, it's because we had to sit on the floor for hours, and that! That thing made my butt cracked!!! So agonizingly painful! I thought my legs were broken already until my friend told me my legs were not broken (yet)!

We did our projects together, such as making a short movie, making a new inovation that had not been invented in this world, recycled and installed rubbish into something useful, etc.

I also met lots of interesting people from Medan, Makasar, Palembang, Lampung, and all. They've got funny accents that sometimes I find it really funny and then realize 2 seconds later that it is so not polite to laugh at someone's accent and make the speaker look at me with disgust.

I have no doubt in studying in Universitas Multimedia Nusantara. The staffs, facilities, education, and all are just promising. Well, I hope everything is going to be amazing here. :)




ViNaaa said...

ur dorm looks comfy..all white gitu

NdReAz said...

really? well, its comfy sih, but not as comfy as my bedroom in jakarta. :(