Friday, August 14, 2009


I am on my longest holiday that has ever occurred in my life. I should be having fun and all. But in fact, I AM NOT.

I am teaching trough out this holiday.


I am also being a coach of Paskibra School of Gandhi (Flag Hosting Ceremony Coach).

I would not say that that 2 things are tortures (even sometimes I do think they are). But I surely enjoy spending my longest holiday with those two activities.

Being a teacher has been one of my dreams since I was a kid. When I was like about 10, I loved to act as if I was a teacher and the chairs were my students.

I have been falling in love with all of my students since the first time I met them. And now I am afraid that by the time I have to leave them, I would not want to leave them.

Yesterday, I told them that we would only meet for 2 encounters more. And they were like so upset. lol

I do really wanna teach them forever, but too bad that I will have to stay in dorm trough out my University life. I won't be able to teach them anymore.

Here are some photos of my troops:

Cute, huh? I know. I have another students, and I am gonna updates their photos as soon as they don't do their homeworks and get their faces captured as the punishment! lol
Call me "teacher".

Most of my friends are enjoying having their orientation of their universities already. But I haven't. I am still like waiting for decades until 26th of August. By 23rd or 24th, I'm gonna move to my dorm, and stay there for *at least* 6 months. Living in the dorm on my own has been like a still-living NOORDIN M TOP in my head. Feels like really nervous, but really anxious. I know, using NOORDIN M TOP as the parable of this context is so "euwh", but since terrorists are also egregious, so I think it suits the context well. lol

I will have to leave all of my beloved ones and beloved things here. I will have to leave my lovely bedroom, lovely bathroom, lovely bed, and all. And I am so gonna miss blogging in my bedroom also!!

But I just can't wait because I also feel like getting my freedom there. Eventhough there's a curfew for the students (and it is one of the worst things in dorm, according to me) but I can feel the freedom already!!!!

The friends.
I dunno whether I will get superb friends, as superb as my highschool friends or not. But I am still hoping. I already know a few of them through Facebook (yea, facebook is so freaking useful, so get a life you freaking things on eath who think Facebook is haram!). As far as I know them, well, they have been nice. But, I haven't really "know" them, you know.

And I'd like to reveal here that one of the things that I don't really like in this world is :


Seriously. I find myself really hard to socialize with new people or make new friends. But I surely know that I can't just live with my surroundings in the incommunicado. I still dunno how to. I really hope 3 days of orientation will help me to get some new friends. So let's see who will be lucky enough to be my bestfriends in university. lol

But anyway, I hope I will be able to get along with all of them. :)

UMN interior design photos credit to : Andre Ang

As long as I heard people talking about my University, they all said that it is a good university. So I hope I won't be dissapointed someday, like my experience in highschool. FRUCK! DID I REALLY SAY THAT I REGRET TO STUDY IN MY HIGHSCHOOL? Yea, like it was a dirty humongous secret. Ups.




Anonymous said...

sendiri apa sama roommate ??
uni nya keren haha


NdReAz said...

gue pilihnay yg sndiri han. kalo ga sndiri brasa ga comfy. hahahhaa

thanks, itu sih masi designya. smoga kayak gitu jg in reality. lol