Sunday, June 28, 2009


So I happened to visit my elementary school on 13th of June *I was about to post this entry, but I put it on hold until now, because I thought it would be best to post "A Trip That Shall Not Be Forgotten 2" first. :)

Wow, It's been a century since the last time I stepped my foot on my elementary school's floor. *I know, hiperboling is not a sin, so what?*

I met some of my teachers. I sttarred at their face and showed them my sweetest smile, eventho I knew that my teeth dried.

Not so many things had changed. They almost still looked like the last time I saw their holly faces.

And then something came across my mind. What if they hadn't taught me 12 years ago? What if I hadn't gone to school. What if I hadn't known them.

I wouldn't have been an univeristy student by now. I wouldn't be able to type by now. I wouldn't have been gone this far.

I met my 1st grade teacher. The one who always helped me in writting, counting, and reading; Dunno how the hell she could cope with a grumpy and insane boy like me. I didn't wanna come to school when my pen is not on. And then she even called me, persuaded me to come to school, promising that she would give me a new pen if I wanted to come to school.

I also met my 4th grade teacher, whom taped my mouth with LAKBAN and pull my hair off because I talked to my friends all the time.

I met my sport teacher, whom always succeed in making me cry when I was in 1st grade. Rumour said he was crazy a lil bit, after having an accident. And I 109% believe in that rumour. Proof : I always cried in his period when I was 7 or 8 years old. AND LOOK AT HIS PIC ABOVE!!! I even got that pic from my nephew's year book!

I met my 5th grade teacher, whom I forgot her name. We skipped her tution just to watch AMIGOS TELENOVELA, but she didn't get angry, she just went home!!
And ogh, will I forget one of my high school teachers 12 years from now? I hope not.

And I also met one of my favourite teachers, my 6th grade teacher. She is one of the best, because when I was in 6th grade, we went for retreat, and I was so freakin naughty, so I ran here and there, and then I fell down from a high stair, and got wounded and bled a lot, and she took care of me that time. :)

Oh yea, I didn't meet one of my teachers, my computer teacher to be exact, who punched me up in the head when I was in 4th grade . *Seriously, he punched me up!*
And I think he had been fired.

Haaaaaahhh.. What a great memory..




Anonymous said...

nde... lu smped jg di ajarin bu lina , pak yusup, bu ambar , ama bu bernadette?? sama donk

NdReAz said...

iia. haha. oh, lo dr santo lukas juga? haha. baru tau.