Saturday, May 2, 2009



Hey, it has been a while since my last post, well, you know why, right? Yes, the UAN thingies was going on!!! But to be frank, that was not the main reason tho. The main reason was actually my internet connection was over limited (again). So, yeah.

Well, after going through years of torture, and after struggling with math for 13 years (from kindergarten to high school), finally, Ujian Akhir National (UAN) is officially OVER! Maaaannn!!! I don’t know what to feel, should I be nervous until they declare the result, or should I feel happy, or should I feel released? I don’t know, but one thing for sure, I THINK I NAILED THE UAN!! Yey!!!

There are lots of funny stories about UAN. One of them is the invigilators. I didn’t expect they would be that... Erm, weird unique. LOL

One of them loved to pick her nose.

One of them had Dora d’explorer’s hairstyle, but her face-shape was as square as Spongebob’s.

One of them loved to sleep when she was in charge.

One of them just looked like one of my teachers.

One of them loved to play with her laptop when she is looking after the examination.

One of them forgot to turn off his mobile phone.
When he was in charge, someone called him, and then he got out of the class, and there were no invigilators at all in the class because another one was also outside. And yeah, I am sure you could guess what we did in that rare opportunity.

They were nice. Okay, one of them was really freakin strict tho, yeah, the one with Dora’s hairstyle and Spongebob’s face-shape. But I would like to thank to all of the invigilators for invigilating us that strict!! *If they happened to read this blog*

The questions were not as hard as the try outs, whereas my brains were about to explode when I studied for the UAN itself!!

I have another story.
I almost failed the UAN! I used the wrong pencil! So, my mom bought me these 1 pencil package for UAN, there were 2 pencils included. And I didn’t know that one of the pencil was actually HB! So I did my Bahasa Indonesia Examination with the HB one, which I was supposed to do it with 2B, otherwise the answers wouldn’t be able to be scanned onto the computer! Until I wondered why the pencil was not as bold as usual, and when I checked, that was a HB pencil! Then I redid it! Haish. Almost.

I hope everything is going to be fine, the UAN. I hope all of this year’s students will pass the UAN 100%. God, I surrender! We did our best, now is all about our lucks and God. So I still need your prayers, guys! Wish us the best of luck!!!!




This plight has recently been a big rumor. For you who still don’t have any idea who or what ‘MANOHARA’ is, lemme brief you on her.

So, Manohara is actually a name! Yes, I told you that because at the first time I heard a host of an infotainment gossip on TV gossipin about her, I was like, what the hell is that? And then I figured out that it was actually a name of a beautiful Indonesian model. The rumor said that when she was still 16 year old, her mother forced her to get married to this old King of Malaysia, so automatically the marriage turned Manohara out to be the Queen. When I typed ‘King’ and ‘Queen’, I really meant it. Yes.

And after a few years had elapsed, her mother nudged Indonesia, telling people that she found out that her daughter is being abused (sometimes I heard “sexually abused”) by the KING. Manohara is not allowed to meet her mother, so now the mother keeps her nose to the grindstone in order to set Manohara free from her golden cage. Wow. Wow.

I mean, c’mon lah, you just can’t forbid a mother from seeing her daughter. It is not about a relationship between The Queen or King with the poor and brittle citizen, it is about a relationship between a mother and her daughter!

But I personally think that it is also the mother’s mistake, why did she ‘sell’ her own daughter anyway, like what I heard on TV? It is just agonizingly horrible, if it is true. Besides, Manohara was still 16 when she got married! She was still underage at that time, how could the mother just let her married at that age? Or was it because her son-in-law was a king?

So it is like everyday, when I am at a loose end, and turn my TV on, I always find them gossipin about Manohara again again and again, as though it would help Manohara to get her freedom. And not just grubby gossip infotainments who discuss this plight, but also the news!

At the end of this petty section, I would like to let you guys know that Manohara doesn’t look like a normal teenage girl at her age! I was shocked when I knew that she was still around 18 or 20 something by now, I thought she was 30 something already!!!!!



I use this stupid internet ISP. Like what I said before, If only there was any other internet ISP in my living area, I would totally change my internet ISP!!! Speedy sucks, man! At the beginning, I was a little bit satisfied with everything that they offered. But as the time goes by, IT TURNED OUT SUCK!! Dammid. My connection keeps on disconnected and cannot be connected again! Everytime I call the costumer service (with full of efforts, because it is soooooo freaking hard to be able to speak with the costumer service), they only say “We are sorry; maybe there is any technical error occurs. Please try to connect again later.”

Duh! I hate it so much. Not only me, but there are lots of people who also hate this shabby internet connection.

Need proofs? Okay:


Everybody is complaining!!

So for you who are planning on using this despicable internet connection, THINK AGAIN! Speedy is only capable of turning you to be a craphanger! No like no like!

OGH! FUCK YOU SPEEDY! Sucks sucks sucks. It took 2 days for me to be able to connect to the internet! Everytime I called the customer service, they all just talked bullshit, telling me to check the modem, ping my laptop, and all but it all was useless!

It is like I had not been able to connect to the internet for almost 3 weeks, because was overlimited, so I had waited so long for the new month, but in the new month, surprisingly and stupidly, I couldn’t connect to the internet as well. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I hate speedy so much.


Let’s make the customer services be unemployed, because they just can do nothing but ordering us to do some shitty things with our modems and our computers, and they are just gonna tell you that you won’t be able to connect to the internet for 3x24 hours!!!! (3 days! And yesh, when one of the customer services told me that, I was like “WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!”). They hardly ever answer your call, you have to put you greatest patience and put your greatest efforts. I dunno whether they are busy eating tons of cheap potato-chips while they are working, so that they don’t answer your call or they are just afraid of people complaining or there are too much people complaining on the phone-line! OH SPEEDY SUCKS!

Stop persuading people to use you because they are just gonna be driven crazy by your stupidity.
For the 6th time: SPEEDY SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Anonymous said...

speedy sucks..! untungnya gw pake FASTNET.. hohohoho,, kadang juga goblok thu si fastnet..palagi channel2 kabelnya gitu..signalnya jelek abis

NdReAz said...

duh soeedy sumpret, bego abis. haha. suka ke diskonek diskonek sndir gitu, trus ga bisa konek lagi! haishhh..

ga sabar menunggu fastnet nih.