Thursday, May 14, 2009



I am officially free after going through 12 years of torture!!! Yes, I have always deemed that school is a torture. The homeworks, the tests, the studies, the everything just agonizingly burdened me so much!

But hey, I tried to look at the bright side, I mean, without school, I don't think I would be able to sit here, in front of my lovely laptop, typing and blogging. Without school, I wouldn't meet this bunch of autism people.

Ahhh.. I am so gonna miss them much. So gonna miss the teachers, the security, the canteens uncles and auties, miss the chairs, the tables, the whiteboards, the lousy ACs, and gonna miss the discriminative treatments. Ups! milkysmile

So yesterday was literally the very last day of our torture. For celebrating it, we went crazy, like colouring our uniforms with pilox an spidols, taking pictures that we hope would be able to remember us all about that days in the future, and messing around the school.

We loved to do crazy and stupid things in school, and we just loved it. I must miss that kind of crazy things later. *OMG, MY MUSIC PLAYER PLAY "I'LL BE MISSING YOU - P.DIDDY" IN SHUFFLE!!! What a co-incident!*

Went to Mahatma Gandhi School for 6 years, for me, is a really long journey. From the first time I stepped my foot on its lobby, and I was like, "Wow, okay, this school is cool!". There are tons of stories. Plus, there is only one class for one year. So it was like, we were a bunch of stupid kids, grew up together, learnt lots of things together, met each other everyday, lived our lives together, until the time knocked our head and reminded us that we are in the last grade, and ready or not, we are about to separate soon.

But hell you guys, you might not be around my life later, but lemme tell you that I MUST BE AROUND YOUR LIFE FOREVERR!!
Shit, it sounds as though I were a terrorist or something. But yeah, I am sure you guys won't forget this Andreas Winfrey.


So I am having my holiday. No more school, no more wake-up call. Oh yeah, isn't it just as great as it is supposed to be? But here I am, doing nothing because I do really have nothing to do anymore, except praying for my examination result.

I am sure most of my friends are still sleeping by now, and I have no one to chat with on msn, or to hang out with. Oh ya, btw, I just re-activated my Twitter account again, so in case you wanna follow me, just click here :

Andreas Winfrey's Twitter

At the beginning, when Elvina asked me to sign up for Twitter, I wasn't interested at all, because I thought like I already had Facebook, and it was all the same with Facebook's status. But, yea, I finally changed my mind in the end. And not to mention, there are lots of hollywood-celebrity's twitters to follow, so yeah, I twitter again.




ViNaaa said...

see?? twitter so much fun right right right?? can stalk miley i'm such a poser!!!

arghhh, it's not a school day anymore and it's already torture for me...for not being able to see u guys and being with my bf and all.. stranded in UPH nih all alone.. stealing my bro's smart card to get in the

NdReAz said...

lol. yeah, i feel the same way too!!

whuis,, calon anak UPH. haha.