Saturday, May 23, 2009

ASK ME..!!

So I remembered the days when I used to love answering Friendster's Bulletin Board Questions. For you who don't know what Friendster is, just google it, okayy!!

Yea, I used to answer those bunch of stupid questions, and just now, I kinda missed answering some stupid questions. And since my friendster account has been neglected already (means : I dont accept any friend-requests and don't add people anymore on Friendster. *yeah, Friendster creator, I know you really wanna kill Facebook's creator*), so I might as well answer the questions here! Besides, this blog needs to be updated!!!!

Here are the questions and not-so-brief-answers::

1. What do think is the reason why people lie?
- Well, if you expect my simple answer, I would say because, like it or not, people are liars. Human beings are liars. And there is no reason for people to lie. I mean, if people wanna cover a reality that they don't like, if they are not liars, they wouldn't lie! So yeah, people lie because they're just being normal people. I am a liar too, relax!

2. Have u ever said, u'll never love again?
- Ermm.. Nope. But I did hope, "I hope I'll never fall in love.. I hope I'll never fall in love..I hope I'll never fall in love.."

3. Is there anything bothering u right now?
- Yea. It is actually "someone", not something. Anything he does, really bothers me a lot! I just wanna kill him. No joking, guys.

4. Is there something you wanna let go of?
- ermmmm.. yes, my boring leisure time. When I still went to school everyday, I felt like being tortured, and I would did anything to have holidays! Now, when i am free, I just don't know what to do! I just can't come up with some great ideas what to do. And believe it or not, I have been sitting here in front of my computer for approximately 8 hours!!!!

5. Do the old songs u had in ur past really remind u of the memories?
- Ermmm.. yea, some. Just some.

6. How important is "trust"?
- It is not really important to me. I don't know, maybe because I hardy trust someone? Wow, just realized that.

7. Do u believe in soul mates?
- Erkkk.. sorry to say.. YES.

8. How do u learn to forget?
- I don't know! There is a bunch of stupid things that I'd realy want to forget, but I just don't know how! I asked people how to forget stupid things that oftenly makes me feel shame of myself, and I got lots of weird answers, like 'keep yourself busy!' and 'sing when you remember it', etc, but belive me, none of them succed.

9. Is crying a sign of weakness?
- Yea! A real big YEA! Just admit it, when your enemy cries because of something that you do or say to him/her, don't you feel happy at least a bit? :-)

10. Why do u answer surveys?
- Agh! Don't ask me! I don't even know the answer! LOL

11. Do u always regret?
- YEESSSS!!! I think I have this kind of desease, Man! I always regret after buying things! I don't know why. Someone help me here!

12. Why is ur current ringtone, ur ringtone?
- A Well Respected Man - The Kinks

13. Do u believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder?
- What? no.

14. Do u believe that u have a guardian angel?
- Yea, I do. I do.

15. What will u do if u're stuck in the elevator with someone u don't like?
- According to what I watched in several movies, when the actor was stuck in the elevator, he always ran out of oxygen. So, I think I would kill that person I don't like to get more oxygen.
Yea, fiction much!!! Ha-ha-ha.

16. Have u ever wanted someone but u cant have him/her?
- Argh, yea. Cliché question laaah!!

17. Have u ever said 'i love u' but u lied?
- I never lie! *forget the answer number 1*

18. Would u ever want to go back to the past?
- Yes

19. Do u really wanna please everybody?
- No. Seriously.

20. Is waiting ever okay?
- No lah!

21. Right now, where do u wanna be?
- Anywhere but here.

22. When is enough, enough?
- I don't know. Totally lost.

24. What are you so sick and tired of?
- Being bored.

25. What made u smile today?
- Lotsa things that you don't really wanna know.

26. Is looking good important?
- Yea! Of course. You are what you look like.

27. Do u listen to love songs when ur down?
- No.

28. What are u thankful for?
- For having this superb life.

29. Do u agree that men are polygamous by nature?
- No.

30. Do u believe in forever?
- Nooo!! Nothing last forever.

31. What are ur plans for the weekend?
- Today is saturday, and I'm sitting exactly in front of my laptop. Great.

32. Do u say sorry first?
- Depends, but hardly ever.

33. Do u believe that married couples should still go out on a date?
- No comment.

34. Has someone promised u something and broke it?
- Yeaaa!!

35. Do you want to go out of the country?
- Superficially yes. >> I made that word. LOL. It means "of course lah!!"

36. Does the rain make u gloomy?
- Sometimes. The situation just gets so dramatic when rain falls down.

37. For now, what is the one thing that u want so bad?
- Money?

38. Wishing u were with the one you love?
- Yea. Who doesn't? Oh wait, lemme check my teeth and apply some wax into my messy hair first before youmeet me with someone I love. Dammid. My hair needs cutting so bad. When you meet me somewhere, it's not like I wanna try Robert Pattinson's messy hair, but it is just, I haven't cut it since a long time ago! Busy studying for the very final examinations! Once again, I never lie.

39. What advice can u give to someone..?
- I am the one who needs some advices!




Anonymous said...

lol..funny.. i was laughing to myself as i read this.. one thing though..

"6. How important is "trust"?
- It is not really important to me. I don't know, maybe because I hardy trust someone? Wow, just realized that"

it's important dong nde.. if u hardly trust someone, then it must be an important thing..

cmn mao ngomong doang sih.. hehehe...

NdReAz said...

thanks for liking it, vinaaaa.

it is not really important when there is nobody you can trust! Ogh, Bitch World enough? LOL