Sunday, April 5, 2009


Agh, finally, the PRA-UAS thingies are over. Now is time for us to be nervous; to go to the church or temple or wherever it is your religion order you to go to; to start to countdown; to practice to bitch over the invigilator; to see the psyciather; and of course, the most important thing : to brainstorm the cheating strategies.

And finally also, it is a new month! Means: I can connect to the internet again! Eventho my internet connection sucks as hell! If there was any other internet connection in my living area, I would absolutely change the connection 100%! I use this stupid connection (I am so not gonna type the name), they convince everybody that the speed is so freakin fast, and the payment is so freakin cheap, and bla bla bla. But actually it keeps on disconnected. And I abhor it.

But anyway, back to the school things. Have you ever felt like hurt by someone? Felt like you have done something seriously and you feel like you deserve to get the result well, but people doubt it?

Well, this is what happened to me:

I admit it that I abhor Math subject, and my math marks is not really good, I meant, it actually depends on my mood and my luckiness, sometimes it is good, sometimes it is just like goat's shits. And trough out this 'UAN syndrome', I have been studying math preety hard, and I got 9,25 on my latest math-try out.

And when my math teacher was giving me my result paper, she directly asked, "How many numbers did you ask for the answer?"

It is such a huge WOW

I did NOT ask for the answer at all! Maybe yes on another subject, but not on math. I even ran against time until the invigilator order me to submit the paper. How on earth was I able to ask for the answer anyway, I sat directly right in front of the invigilator at that time! Haishhh...

But, wish me luck anyway, guys. I really need your prayers in order to be able to pass the very final exams, so I can reach the University's gate. Amen.


Another topic.

I kinda concern about children nowadays. I mean, not just because todays babies are even cuter than ever, but the future is in the palm of their hands. They will decide what will they do with our graves. They will decide whether they want to continue the world's living or not. But I feel like todays children somehow turn out to be much more crazy.

My English teacher once gave me this shocking news :

How come. But something more surprising, when my english teacher was opening the link in front of the class, the girls in my class said, "Ah, of course the girl wanted to have his baby, he is cute and handsome! I also want to have his baby!"
And then I was dazzled for seconds. Is it me or them being crazy?

And then like a few weeks ago, when I was hanging out with my friends, I passed by this children's playing area. And I found this little girl, playing a game, she shouted happily and jumped, and looked so excited. First, I looked at her, I thought she was kinda cute and funny, but when I looked closer, I saw her playing HOUSE OF THE DEATH.


She was sitting quitely when I took the pic. But after I took that pic, she stood up again, and then jumped again, while she was excitedly killing the zombies. Too bad I did not see her expression when she was killing the zombies. But I just can't imagine if she happened to show off her evilish face with evilish smirk when she shot the zombies.

And there is another girl yesterday, when I was in one of playing zone. I starred at this babysitter and girl for moments:



Dunno why, but I think she just looks too extreme, doesn't she? lol
Moreover, the babysitter also supports her to stand right there! And my God, you have to see her when she threw the ball to the stupid hole of the winnie the pooh. She was so lebay and extreme! I just couldn't control myself from taking some pics.


Another another topic.

Well, on the 9th of April, I am going to have my first 'contreng' for the Indonesian legislative election. To be frank, I am so freakin sick with all of their campaigns, posters, banners, and lame promises on Jakarta's streets, TV advertisements, and all. Like, I dunno, most of them don't look like they deserve to sit on the Indonesian politic seats. I personally think that most of them are not qualified enough. Oh yeah, I can hear you saying, "Don't judge the book by its cover". But believe me, I do judge a book from it's cover (I am so not gonna buy a thick book with an extremely ugly model on the cover of the book). And this is about Indonesian lives. This is about us. And I somehow just can't vote for an unqualified person, can I?

I love watching politic debates. I mean it. But I think politic is actually a good thing to watch, but not a good thing to fall yourself into. I just love to know what they are going to reply to one's questions, and how they usually slander other competitors. Sounds so bitchy, and I like it.

But until now, I still don't know who to vote. I mean, Jakarta's streets are now full and look so trashy with their posters and campaigns, and all, but they don't seem to convice me at all.

Hope someone can bring some changes that we really need.


I would like to offer my biggest condolences for the tragedy of Situ Gintung. Hope there won't be another bad things happen again.

video credit to : Wongbruno.


I was going to end this blog entry. But I was shocked by someone on msn.

ChubbsTeR says: ngapain lO?
Me : nulis blog
ChubbsTeR says: aduh
ChubbsTeR says: cowo nulis blog
Man, nothing is wrong with it. If you wanna make your own blog, don't hesitate yourself to.




Anonymous said...

what's wrong with boys and blogs?? lol..that kid yg main game zombie2, reminds me when i was a kid.. lol..

kids these days, crazy little pig running all over.. i hate kids.. they're annoying.. haha.. i don't even like the other kids when i was a kid.. i think they're wayyyy to preppy. i don't have any girlfriends till i reached 4th

NdReAz said...

reminds you when you were a kid? man, what kind dof girl were you back then? lol

well, i love kids, i mean, depends on how naughty he/she is.