Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Again, I am sittin here alone at the outskirt of the school's basketball field, waitin for my driver to pick me up. And I have no one to talk to, so yeah, I'd rather type something for my blog, than sittin here, waiting for those kids who are playing basketball to kill me with the ball.

This kinda moment left me thinking: Can I Have This Exact Moment after I graduated?

Like, you know, sittin alone, watching people passing by me, vacanting, and feeling the air kicking the top of my hair..

Will I get busy with my University's stuffs? Will I even still be able to sit alone and do nothing? What will I be doing this time next year? Will I be wearing black or white or blue shirt? Will I be listening to my playlist like what I am doing right now? Will I be wondering about my future?

Too many things to think about, but our lives are just too short, right?


And, ah yeah, something happened to my friend's heart today.

I am thinking, why do people tend to love someone who never loves us back? Why do people tend to think that those 'someone' is the perfect pair for us, but actually they don't think so? Why are people so stupid to play with a game called LOVE? Why are people so stupid to love someone who they even hate for sure?

Again, too many things to think about, but our lives are just too short, right?


I hate it when people take pride in doing something that we can't do, or we just don't have any chances to do it.

Do they feel happy because they think that we envy them? Are they proud of doing it because they just wanna make us feel bad? Do they keep smirking at us just because they love to do their things, or because they wanna show us that they are better than us?
Don't they know that even most people think that they are not as good as they think they are? Don't they even think about it? Or can't they think about it?

Well, too many things to think about, but our lives are just too short, right?


When I was eating at one of Pizza Restaurants this afternoon with my friends, I frankly said that sometimes I envy my friend's life, because her life looks so perfect and flawless.

Do other people also feel the same? Do you sometimes or once feel the same? Is it a sin, for wanting what other's have? Does God has something to do with it? Why didn't God switch our lives with her/his life? Does he/she want to swith his/her life with us as well?

Yeah, too many things to think about, but our lives are just too short, right?


One of my bestfriends keeps looking for a good 'GF' for him. He keeps on asking me whether I have a beautiful and perfect friend for him or not.

You know, I oftenly hear that God creates us to have a partner in this life. But if so, why do we keep on looking for our love? Why do we keep on flirting and bitching around? Why do we look for the best partner to spend the rest of our life with?

Okay, too many things to think about, but our lives are just too short, right?



I continued blogging.
I had been asking my mom and my driver to pick me up since 3 o'clock, and I found out that it was almost 5 already. MANN!! I HAD BEEN WAITING FOR 2 HOURS. I called my mom and my driver, but they didn't answer the call.

So I decided to go home by myself, rather than waiting for my mom until there is a fungi growing on my skin. And because being at home makes me sick, I went to my friend's home.

AND YOU KNOW WHAT!! Yeah,, my mom scold me. Dammid. I meant, she let me wait at school ALONE (no students left anymore but me) for 2 hours, and why the hell is she mad at me just because I went home by myself?

Why do parents always think that they are the right one? Or why do MY parents think that way? Why do my parents can't be like another ideal parents? Why do I always be the wrong one and the underdog one? Why do parents always stay in one tenet and never ever gonna change it? And why can't we live without our parents? Why do we have to love our parents like what God orders us to? Why do I love my parents? Why do my parents suck?

Aaaahh, too many things to think about, but our lives are just too short, right?


And now I realized. Why do I ask lots of questions? Do people want to read this post? Is there anyone who will voluntarily give me the answers anyway? Would people give this post some comments? Do people like what I've written? Do you?

Finally, too many things to think about, but our lives are just too short, right?






HanDikaaaaaaaa said...

sneezer itu apa ???
lagu nya mantep nde !!!

Anonymous said...

WAKAKAKA..sneezer! cute.. i lost the last aih dunia ini emang penuh pertanyaan..too any questions,so let them just doesn't take one to answer to understand it thoroughly, right?

Olen Amelia said...

a wise man to me would never question himself (or others) about things that he do not understand, but rather to experience those enigmas and end up acquiring the answers he once asked.
Life is indeed full of questions, but then you will never know until you completely plunge yourself into a phase where you would regret about the things that you have done, or just a chunk of acknowledgements that will make you realize that life is indeed short, and no, it is not all about fun, but also about every tear that you share, and every blood that you shed.
About the uni thing, you will never know what would happen, as it significantly vary within each student. Coz you know what, it's no longer school's life, it is now YOUR life, and you have the absolute control of it. Never let go. :)

NdReAz said...

@ Handika : sneezer itu reality show baru dr MGS. ditunggu ya. haha. Lagu blog gue enak yaa.. :)

@ Vina : yea, i know, let them be.

@ Olen : Inspiring. u made my dae. :)