Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Actually, I don't know what to talk about on this post, but remembering that it has been a long time since my last update, so i just wanted to post something. So erm, I am just gonna keep on typing.

Well, finally, I bought a new mobile phone (which was bought with MY OWN MONEY). I dropped my last piece of heart at Nokia E71white. When I was taking my money from the ATM Machine, I felt like my heart stopped beating, you know, I had been saving my own money by not buying meals from the school canteen and brought meals from home instead, since forever, and then I had to fly it away for Nokia E71.

But, hey, I think it is worth it! E71 is really worth buying! It has been really nice and good, and I hope it will always be as good as it has always been.

My Nokia E71 :

Nice phone, isnt it? It is as good as it look.

Oh yea, I also finally got my RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable), well, the synonim is actually : SEMI-HARD CONTACT LENSE. It is not as soft as the common normal softlense, it is SEMI-HARD lense, erm, it is ofcoursely harder than softlense. lol

It is also smaller than softlense, and it takes more than 3 weeks to adapt. My eyes really really really hurt at the first time, even I heard most people couldn't endure the pain (e.g : my brother). But hey, call me Andreas Winfrey!!

I am actually using my RGP right now, but for you guys, I would take it off and take a picture of it, and gonna show it to you. Wait.

See there, it is smaller than softlense, and it is made of glass, i meant it. It is made of glass, not plastic. No wonder now why it makes your eyes hurt and takes 3 weeks to adapt.

The RGP kit.

Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, guys. I snapped those pics with my E71, but I haven't peeled off the Guard Plastic, so I think it makes the pictures look blur.

It might hurt your eyes and all, but the good things are RGP could decrease your cylinder, and it also could hold your minus, so your minus would not increase, if you get what I meant. And of course, RPG is healthier than softlense, it wouldn't damage your eyes like softlense does. And you can also not to take it off for days, isn't it amazing? So when you are too lazy to take it off from your eyes or in case you forget to take it off, it is okay. It is not disposable! You can use it for more than 10 years (IF you dont lose it or break it).

I am now feel more comfotable using it and belive me, THE WORLD HAS NEVER BEEN THIS BRIGHT!! I am not joking or hyperboling, it really does bright your vision.

Speaking of joking, I think I made a stupid jokes that end up with a fight between my friend and her lovely boyfriend. Oh, I am really really sorry and I would like to apologize profusely to you, someone!! I really didn't mean it at all and I wasn't planning to make you guys fight. And you know, I was just joking. Well, stupid me.

Again, I hope everything is going to be okay, okay?

Shit, I don't know why, I always get hungry after typing long words. So, starving half to death (again), gotta run!

P.S : Should I stop typing long words to avoid myself from getting hungry, because I think I gained some weight back, and one of my friends told me so (Eventho most of my friends convinced me that I haven't gained any and still looks thin). Argh! Dammit.




Anonymous said...

TERLALU LEBAI LO!!! wakakaka.. ga fight man.. intinya, jgn lupa bawa majalahnya..lol

NdReAz said...

hahaha. dasar lo.

Olen Amelia said...


NdReAz said...

yea, len, i kno, right. love it. :)