Sunday, February 8, 2009


There are lots of things that I would like to share with you guys.

First, about NITENDO Wii.

Well, one of my bestfriends bought this cool Nitendo Wii. To be honest, I am not really fond of games and playing things (if you wonder why, simply because I suck at playing games, and when I lose the game once, then I wouldn’t wanna play it anymore). But this Nitendo Wii is different. It is a congenially amazing thing. Haaaaahhh,, I feel so lucky for having a friend who has a Nitendo Wii.

I would like to buy one for myself, but it is not my priority (since my current priority is to get a new mobilephone). And I think it is gonna be neglected anyway, knowing that I am gonna be struggling with my University stuffs soon, so, I had better not to buy one, unless it would be covered in dusts.

But, you can watch my video playing Wii to envy yourself. (Okay, I know I look so ‘Lebay’ there, but you should play first, then ask someone to record you playing it, then watch it, then I am sure that you will say that you are ‘lebay as well.)


Second, about EVILS IN MY SCHOOL.

No no no. It’s not about the teachers, or the staffs, or the building, or the another section students, or you, or whosoever, so just relax, this blog is not gonna be banned again by someone, I assure you that, readerss!!!! LOL. (I tried not to be sarcastic but it seems like I couldn’t. LOL)

Don't wanna talk much about this, but just wanna tell you that in my world, all the fighting have to be sneaky (Yeah, I got that rakish quote from ‘MEAN GIRLS MOVIE’). And I don’t know why. I just don’t have the faintest idea why it has to be like that. And if you wonder how I could find out that there is a sneaky war happening in class right now, the answer is just because I am Andreas Winfrey.

Half of my soul thinks that it would be cooler and more appealing if we fought each other on the face (like slapping, and punching, and, tufting and scratching someone’s face till you leave lots of ostentatious marks on face), instead of stabbing someone from his/her back, but another half soul of mine thinks that it is a good bitchy fighting kind of way. But just good, not great........... yet. *eyeroll*

And please, don’t ask me who are these people, because I am not gonna leak it out.

Last word of this section : I am so proud of you guys, for being so ‘bitchy’. I like it. Keep it up!!! WELL DONE!! Yes yes yes! Woohoooooo! Plok! Plok! Plok!



As the twelfth grade student, I am currently struggling with my school’s things. Lots of homeworks, lots of projects, lots of excersices, and all. Haaaaahh... Tiring.

I would like to ask you to wish me and my friends luck!! I hope all the twelfth grade students will be able to pass the exam greatly, and able to continue our study in University. Yeyy!!

Starving half to death, gotta run! byee..




Anonymous said...

eh gw dah update juga..aduh tp td mestinya gw thu baca blog lo dolo baru update..haha..dah di next posting klo inget dhe..ngaca nde, lo juga jablay ngemeng aja lo..wakaka..i'm loving the jablayness keberatan..aahaha

Teng. said...

wkwkwkwkwk sumpah nde lu kocak abis maen wii..
yg bagian lu blg "WIII KEREN BNGTTT!!" KOCAAKK.. NGAKAK GW..
trus tmn lu ada yg blg "itu pintu di buka yas bukan dipkul.." ngakak gwww.. sinting..
ey,sesama jablay dilarang saling menghina.. ahhahaha..


Anonymous said...

wkakaka...itu pintu dibuka yas bukan baru nonton..gblok lo.. lebai abis maen wii

NdReAz said...

Teng -> hahha. iya, lebay, emang. seru banget, teng wii. haha. tumben lo ga beli? Oh ya, kotak pensil gue ketinggalan di mobil lo!

Vina -> haha. main de, vin. seruu!!! berlebay ria. haha