Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This post is kinda unimportant and crusty. So lest you think you wouldn't like this post, you can just skip this post and go to the another posts.

Well, There is someone around me who flagrantly loves to make her life seems to be so drably dramatic to get lots of attentions out of it, yes, just to get attentions. And it makes her abhored by lots of people whom are reluctantly forced to pay a few attentions and give responses to her thingies.

She loves to act as if she was having a quarrel with her someoneidontcare on the phone, and speaks and yells very loudly, so that everyear would be able to hear her thingies. She also walks back and forth in front of her victims, and then she stops, waiting for you to give her your respons.

After that, she would change her facebookstatus, her private message on MSN, her friendstershoutout, and her everything about her thingies. She also would tell everybody about her tingies.

Mostly and especially, her tingies are drabful and unimportant to hear and has nothing to do with you. She just loves attentions and responses and fames.

She also tends to be so SKSD (Sok Kenal, Sok Deket) to everybody, and this is why most of my friends dislike her.

You know, I just don’t get it why. I meant, if you have problems or something, do you have to tell the world about it? Do you have not to have any secrets at all? Do you think people would be willingful to listen to all of your problems? Do you have to walk back and forth in front of people and speaks very loudly? Do you have to speak about your problems and secrets with someone you are not really close to?

Well, I admit it, I am a blogger, I blog almost everything. Almost. But not all, and I never force someone to know about my problems. I think you should just have a blog (like me) to share your thingies with people who are voluntarily want to hear your problems, instead of trying so hard to get attentions by doing that annoying things. So nosy people who want to know your thingies could just go to your blog and dig your problems, and for those who don’t, they don’t have to exploit their ears’ utilities by listening to your fake grumbling complaints.

That is not all.

You disgust me, that's why you must be hated.



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