Monday, February 2, 2009


Well, I don't know whether this is a good news for you or a bad news, but MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT GOT HACKED BY A SAPPY SIMPLETON!
He/She/ It changed my status and untag some of my photos.

Take a look at the highlight :


"Andreas is Moto-moto..I like the chunky."
Is that all you could do to my status? If I were you, I would type something better and funnier, like "Andreas would gouge my eyeballs" or "Andreas fucks his dogs everynight" or "Andreas licked his own asshole and found it interesting and yummy."
That means, you are too stupid to be a hacker!


"Andreas is na na na."
Your mom sings that song for you? nana nannanana? Get a real life.

Actually there are some more stupidness that you did. But I am not gonna show them here.

Damn you, Nincompoop!

First I knew that I was hacked, I tried to over it, and forgave you. But when I noticed that you were trying to play with me for the second time, well, all I could do probably was just changed my password. And you know, it was even easier than cut your mother's thumbs with my art teacher's cutter.
But IF you dared to play with me again, and IF I could find out who you are, you know I've got lots of diabolical ideas that could be happened to you.

Oh, no, I am not threatening you, because I am stupid and all I can do is just log into someone's facebook account, then change their status and untag their photos, and maybe, delete all their account or whatever.

Just hack me for billion times, and lemme tell you that you waste your time life. Because I'm just gonna try to not to care anymore.




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