Monday, February 23, 2009


So today something happened to me at school and those thing somehow made me felt like I was such a loser. Errmm.. People always say 'failure is a postponed success'. Yes, I know, but where is the success? I had been looking for the success since forever but it wasn't there, it is never there, you know.

It felt like you had sacrifice anything to achieve what you wanted, and the situation and all seemed to support you. They promised you anything, but actually it was just a pie in the sky. You pin all your hopes on them. They said yesyes and yes, but actually they left you high and dry. Until you realized that you had raced against time, and you finaly dead in the water. Albeit, you knew that you even sacrifice your last breath to achieve it.

And that thing also made me wanted to kill someone share it with you guys.

Now, suddenly I am mused.
I think loser is not the one who doesn't get what he wants. Loser is not the one who gets slap by the reality on the face. And loser is not the one who falls from the highest.

Loser is the one who never gets up after falling from the highest. Loser is the one who plagiarizes other. Loser is the one who feels humiliated to apologize. Loser is the one who lacks of knowledge. And loser is the one who never tries.



My life is like them, in this picture :


They sacrifice their lives, just to clean up the mess that is not made by them. But, do people know their names? Do people even care abo0ut them? Do people think that they are special?
And when the case is like this, people only know about the owner of the buildng. People only care about the owner of the building. People only think that the owner is the special one
Not them.

You got the point that I mean?? Nice.


So this is what happened to my blog's hater :



Okay. I forgive you. But, could you jus not to make a mess on my blog anymore? Because it's like, you know, I just, I don't wanna talk to a gamy hag like you anymore. So, if you think you don't like my blog, why would you waste you energy to read and visit and type and leave stupid comments on my blog?

Oooppss.. Did I just call you a gamy hag? Okay, My bad.


There is a new hot gossip accident in my school that finally made my friend got suspended. LOL. Haaaaahhhh.. I don't know, there are lots of words in my mind, but I don't think I should burst it out, because that is not my problem, and the case has been closed anyway. I mean, okay, the case might have been closed, but do you think the conflict between the two sides would be stopped as well? Errrmm.. I was going to type 'I don't think so' but I thought it would be too much.

Ooopps.. Did I finally typed 'I don't think so?' LOL *eyesroll*




Olen Amelia said...

"there's nothing wrong in being a loser, it's just how good you are at it" -Billie Joe Armstrong

okay, what should you do if you become a loser?
1. Drink, party, get wasted and laid
2. therefore, you become a better one. =D

btw, itu org bego abis sih yg comment di post lo. gila yeh, udah ejek2 minta maaf lagi. KWKKKWK :DDD

Neway, check out my blog, Stuffs are happening, but not enough to be displayed on my blog. but i wrote sumthing, so yeah.. =)

Anonymous said...

omg! nice blog i kept smirking reading this.. so tomorrow, if u still complain or doubt urself, i'll slap u right on ur face..and u can't blame me! lol

NdReAz said...

Olen Amelia : aaawww.. thanks, len. hehe. emang tuh hater gue. ngekiin tapi malu2in. haha. bego lah tuh orang.

Vinaaa : hehe. thanks. I dunno, but i still feel like a loser. :x

Olen Amelia said...

you know what, I ALSO THINK THAT I AM A LOSER! no matter ho other people think how bad i am , or even how perfect i am, i am still unconfident with myself sumtimes.
I break down a lot, and all you hv to do is find someone to rely on, it helps a lot =)

NdReAz said...

i feel so lucky for having lots of idiot friends. They perk me up everysingleday.


Anonymous said...

jadi inget si sara tadi kocak..wakaka.. eh nde.. thanks to today and them, we don't think that bad for ourselves anymore.. wuhuu.. but don't over brag! lol... hater lo goblok bgt..wkakaka..malah minta2 maap

NdReAz said...

haha.. Iya, I think we should thank them. LoL.

all of this blog's haters are stupid, i know..