Thursday, January 8, 2009


I've just finished my homeworks. And I am ostentatiously raving dizzy right now. I wanna puke. I need more sleep. And I got a cough, dammit! I'M SICK! I am also sick of being sick!

But ive got to answer this incoherent and weird and amazing questions. The answers that you're gonna read are not 100% true scientifically. *just in case you would believe my answers. LOL*

1. Does fish drink water?
-> I personally think that fishes drink water! Havent you ever heard a slogan that says, 'DRINK LIKE A FISH!'? (Well, actually its a nonstop-refilled-drinks-restaurant's slogan. Speaking of, i dont really believe in nonstop refilled drinks or free drinks, I think they just get the water directly from the sink and don't boil the water, because its freaking cheap/free! But somehow i drink it because its free/cheap. LOL. Call me Chinesse! Well, its just my opinion tho. None of my opinions is right.)
Back to the back. If you pet a fish, you could see that fishes open their mouth, and then they close it. Open, then close it. Open, then close it. Open, then close it. It vividly assure me that they do drink their own urine. Ugh, dont know why Im currently in the mood for gouging fishes' eyes.

2. Would you prefer a skinny girl or a fat girl?
I'd prefer... errmmm.. none. I love natural girl, with natural body curves. >> WOW. It sounds like I am a Mr. Perfect for you.

3. Ive been single for 5 months. What should I do?
Just let your bitchiest friend make over you! Simple. And you know who your bitchiest friend is, right? Good!
Besides, I dont think being single for 5 months is excrutiating. At least there are another 40 years old men/women out there who have been single for 40 years. LOL

4. Is that really true that mole (tai lalat) is made of fly's shit?
I have more than 20 moles. Man, I am just a perfect watercloset for them!

5. Why do frogs jump instead of walk?
Oh! You've just irritated frogs family! They'd rather be able to fly than walk! They wanna be able to fly so bad so that they can take a poo in human's head!
Oh wait, did i answer the question? Did i misread the question? Shit. I thought the question was "Would frog prefer to jump instead of walk?"
Right answer : Frogs jump instead of walk because they can't walk.

6. Why fish doesn't close their eyes when they sleep?
FISH AGAIN? MAN! WHO MADE THIS ALL QUESTIONS ABOUT FISH! Believe me, I used to have 5 Lou-han fishes as my pet (which finally met their death tragically), and i found out that FISHES NEVER SLEEP! They don't even close their eyes at night! And I concluded that they never slept. I dont know why. Even the prettiest frog closes her eyes when she sleeps.

7. Why do people have secrets?
People have secrets because: (1) they are too afraid to face the truth. (2)they are hypocritical. (3)they think having secrets sounds cool. (4)they want people to want to know their secrets. (5)they think other people don't need to know about it. I have secrets as well as you do!

8. Why do some poeple like to be 'ember bocor'?
Because someone else might have tried so hard to know one's secrets.

9. Why do people have different characters?
Because it's like God thinks that human's life wouldn't be this beautifully colourful if we have the same colour (character).

10. I've been a backstabber bitch towards my friend. What should I do? Its just like a part of my life. I did it unconsciously!!
Oh! I love this kind of question!
If it has been a part of your life, just accept and admit it that you do hate your friend, or you don't like something about him/her. And you do realise and conscious about it.

11. How bad would it be to eat fur?
My mom used to buy me furry dolls. Believe me, I am an expert in eating fur! It's not that bad, you see. You just need more, erm, mineral waters, becase sometimes the fur stucks in your throat for days. >> I am not joking.

12. Why do poeple doesn't realise that they're mean sometimes?
Because they think they are the right one. But I think its better to be mean than to be fooled and stabbed! (>> I don't really get what I've just typed, believe me.)

13. What if there was no love in life?
We would even fight each other for our own grave, and digged it ourselves.

14. Why some people are sooooooo hypocritical?
Simply because they HATE you.

Please wait for 'Let's Ask Andreas Part 3'! And if you feel like asking me some amazing (and weird) questions, just e-mail me. I assure you that i can help you solve your problem. LOL.




Anonymous said...

hahaha...fishes do sleep, with their eyes wide open..because they don't have any eye's fact.. ooo i think fishes are some way.. and i hate frogs..

NdReAz said...

euwh, fishes arejust WEIRD!

i love frogs.

Anonymous said...

yeah, fishes do sleep..
but ants never sleep.
in fact, they're the only animal that don't sleep at all.
creepy little ants.


NdReAz said...

fishes suck!
ants and frogs rule!