Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Hey there, everyone. I would like to wish you a very Happy Chinese New Year!

Gong Xi Fat Chai. Ang Pao Na Lai.
(Okay, I am not really fond of Mandarin Language, but I do really understand those two sentences, especially the last one. LOL)

Here is a drawing that I personally made myself as my Art Project:

Yes, I know, it looks like shit. I am not an expert of drawing. I’m just an expert of bitching.

When first my Art teacher ordered us to draw anything we wanted about Chinese New Year, (I don’t know why) The first thing that came into my mind was just a figure of a girl with a messy hair. So, I just drew what was in my mind.
And when I was about to finish, I took a look at my friends’ drawing. And I was flabbergasted. Their drawings were soooo Chinese (and amazingly beautiful)! They drew Chinese ornaments, dragons, Shios, and all! And mine is just a figure of a girl, with a messy hair.


Okay, about the Angpao now. I never count how much I got, okay I count it, but I always appreciate how much it is, but when I compared mine to my friends’ this morning :

Me : “How much did you get this year?”
My Friend : “Almost 2 million Rupiahs.”
Me : “Errkk.. Okay.”

Me : “How much did you get this year?”
My Another Friend : “More than 1, well, almost 2 million Rupiahs.”
Me : “Wow!”

Me : “How much did you get this year?”
My Another Another Friend : “About 3,5 million Rupiahs.”
Me : “...”

To be frank, Mine didn’t even reach 1 Million Rupiah.
Ah, but who cares about money, anyway? LOL

I felt like this year’s Chinese New Year celebration was different. I don’t know why, I felt like this year, most of Indonesian, even if they are Chinese or Non-Chinese, they participated in celebrating the Chinese New Year. And I am happy for it. Or was it just me? Erkk..

OMG, posting about Chinese New Year makes me feel like a complete Chinese. LOL. Well, jfyi, I am not 100% chinese. Well, i've got a Chinese descent, but actually I am a Pure Indonesian-Chinese-Dutch descent.

But anyway, once again,I would like to wish you a very Happy Chinese New Year!

Gong Xi Fat Chai.

and not to be forgotten,

Ang Pao Na Lai.




ViNaaa said...

najong lo chinese dutch.. ketek.. wkakaka.. eh eh angpao lo masa ga reach one thousand rupiahs?salah ketik ye lo?one million kali?? kacao ah

NdReAz said...

lol yeah. edited it already. THanks, vinaaa!!